Training in Skills for Health and Longevity


Guidance for Wholeness offers an 8-week training in Skills for Health and Longevity.  During that training the participants learn necessary skills, including, at a minimum, a meditation practice that is comfortable and sustainable for the individual, muscle testing of some form to get them in touch with their body in formulating a personalized health plan.  BioSpirituality and The Emotional Freedom Technique are also included in the program.  Each client is given an individualized quantum feedback session and feedback from the session to address possible areas on which they should focus in developing their own personal plan for increasing health and longevity.

Components of the 8 week Program 

  • a personal meditation program,
  • a personal exercise program,
  • approaches relevant to them for detoxing,
  • a  personal nutrition plan,
  • identifying possible allergies or food intolerances,
  • identifying core beliefs that may need to change,
  • a plan for stress relief, including techniques developed by the Institute of HeartMath,
  • identifying sources of support or community to help them implement the plan, and
  • feedback on how some basic physiological changes have occurred during the 8 weeks as an inducement to implement the plan following the training.