Spiritual Direction



Amit Goswami has described the field of quantum (or energetic) medicine.  In his description, most chronic difficulties have either an emotional or spiritual core.  Working at the emotional and spiritual levels requires full participation of the client.  Techniques that support the client in making shifts in their awareness and their belief systems are necessary.  And at the level of Spirit, only the Holy Spirit can facilitate the changes that are necessary.


Spiritual direction focuses on your spiritual questions—deep longings, sacred experiences and a person’s response to what is holy and meaningful in one’s life. This is different than therapy whose goal is much more to fix things and to achieve certain external goals in life.  While some therapists may bring a spiritual component to their work, spirituality would not be their main focus. Therapy is designed to help you work on thoughts, emotions and behaviors that impact your life and relationships.


Spiritual Direction involves companioning the directee as he or she seeks to understand how the Holy Spirit is moving in his or her life.  By reconnecting with Spirit, the changes that are needed become possible.  Simple listening lies at the core of Spiritual Direction, but other approaches can also be helpful, including some that have been described under Other Healing Modalities.  Some of these approaches include:


Dream Work,  www.jeremytaylor.com/dream_work/